Vector UI Design System For Figma v1.1

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🔥 Speed up design process by 60%

Vector UI is the best Design System available in Figma that allows you to create smart systems and UI kits

Forget about spending time on making basic buttons, forms, navigation bars etc.

Now you can save hours every week by using Vector

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What is Vector UI?

It's a game changer in UI/UX industry. It's a super smart design system that can be used even by people who never could design because it's so easy to use! Furthermore, it's super customizable, you can create systems that look completely different, but they keep the same structure, so you can create a new system for a new project in minutes!

For who it is?

(Not only for designers)

  1. Entrepreneurs 🏦

    • You probably had problems with finding the right designer, too low budgets and deadlines,

    • Let's say you hired a designer for a project of a website and design system, it would probably take him days if not weeks creating it, but you can skip most of that work (that means save a lot of money, probably way more than vector cost).

    • You can even try to design some wireframes yourself, it's super easy!

    • Furthermore, you don't have to worry about quality, it's the best on the market

  2. Developers 👨‍💻

    • How often you find work with a designer frustrating? If you know this problem vector will help you, it has well-organized files, named layers, super simple Figma file to navigate

    • You can use it on multiple projects and that means editing just the visuals because structure keep the same

  3. People that want to start UI/UX design career 💻

    • Looking for a side hustle like web design or mobile app design? With Vector, you will spend avg. 60% time on each project, and that means 60% more earnings!

📣 Let me show you 1 calculation

Let's say you earn $30 per hours and need about 5 work days to create a design system.

You'll spend 40h! And it'll cost $1200‼️ Building a thing that can be created in less than an hour. It shows vector can speed up the whole process by 4000%!

Money-back guarantee

We want you to always be satisfied, so you can return the purchased product, contacting us up to 7 days after you made a purchased. Before refund, we may ask you for a reason, but just for us to know what to improve. For a refund, contact us

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  • With Vector you'll get:

  • Components
  • Styles
  • Variants
  • Auto Layout v3
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Super Customizable
  • Smart Mockups
  • Icons
  • With Vector you'll get:
  • Components+2400
  • Styles+110
  • Variants
  • Auto Layout v3
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Super Customizable
  • Smart Mockups+200
  • Icons+340


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Vector UI Design System For Figma v1.1

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